About Us


Willard and Terri McPherson

We accepted a full-time pastorate at Piney Forest in November, 2008. We have one of the best congregations! They love people, period. We are always in a missions project of some sort...whether in North Carolina, the United States, or over seas. We want EVERYONE to know about our loving Savior. If you love God, people, and missions, come join us. We would love to see you at Piney Forest Baptist Church!

Beliefs and Mission of Piney Forest Baptist Church

We believe Jesus to be the incarnate son of God, born of a virgin, crucified on the cross, buried in a tomb, arose on the third day, appeared to His many disciples, promised God would send the Holy Spirit to comfort His believers, and ascended to heaven to be with the Father.  We believe the bible to be the inspired word of God, and Jesus is the only way to the Father in heaven.  

Therefore, the mission of Piney Forest Baptist Church is to increase the Kingdom of God, by preaching God's word, by preparing its members to be disciples of Jesus, by promoting missions-locally, nationally and internationally, and for the church to be a light to our community.