Things to know...


If you wish to contribute to our offering and receive credit for it, please fill out an offering envelope. Non-members, include your mailing address...even if you write out a check. We want to be sure you receive a contributions statement at year-end.


During the month of March, we will give the opportunity to give to the Annie Armstrong offering for North American Missions. Please designate this on your offering envelope.

E-zekiel TV (old sermons)

Old sermons can be accessed through the E-zekiel TV link. Here are the directions:

1) Go to the bottom of the website home page and click on E-zekiel TV (This takes you to the login page)
2) Click on LOGIN at the top right corner
3) In the first blank space (EMAIL) type in
4) In the second blank space (PASSWORD--MUST TYPE EXACTLY) type in jER29:11!
5) Click on the LOGIN button
6) Click on the MY MEDIA button at the top and you will be taken to the Piney Forest sermons
7) ENJOY!!!